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Course Layout

Canyon Lakes Golf Course is a very fun and unique 18 hole course with some tough Par 3's, 4's, and 5's.  While out on the course, you will be able to understand the name "Canyon Lakes" as it is really a preview of what is to come! Take a peak at our course below from a hole by hole perspective.

Hole 1 fairway

Hole 1

340 Yards | Par 4

This delightful opening hole is a straight shot.  In order to get a good angle on the green, aim for a 190-yard tee shot towards the right edge of the bunker.  There are two greenside bunkers on each side of this first hole green. The significant slope in the fairway leading down to the green can play tricks on the golfer’s mind, be sure to take the slope into account for your approach shot.

Hole 2 fairway

Hole 2

550 Yards | Par 5

The second hole is the longest hole on the course so take that into consideration as you plan your tee-shot.  It is a safe bet to aim your tee-shot to the left of the fairway which will keep the trees on the right out of play.  There are two fairway bunkers on either side of the approach shot, leaving golfers with the classic risk/reward decision.

Hole 3 green

Hole 3

213 Yards | Par 3

This hole can be a bit deceiving, at 213-yards, it looks a lot shorter than it is.  Be sure to take the wind into consideration on this hole.  Anything shot too short results in a longer pitch to the green and be sure not to aim too far left as you might get stuck in the bushes. Par is safe bet for this hole.

Canyon Lakes 4 Tee box

Hole 4

292 Yards | Par 4

Hole number four will give you an idea of why our name has lakes in it! A 180-yard tee shot will leave you a short iron in to the green.  However, anything beyond 180-yards, may roll into the water hazard.  Beware of the far edge of the green, it is shaped like a turtle back and golfers will often find trouble for any iron shots that land on the far edge of the green. Best to keep the ball below the hole.

Hole 5 with lake and the green in the background

Hole 5

152 Yards | Par 3

When gazing across the water hazard for hole five, be sure to check the wind. That could have a big effect on where your ball will land. Adding a couple yards to your tee shot will guarantee a spot on the green.  This is a two-tiered green, from the front to the back right of the green and a decent slope from right to left.  The center of the green is where you should aim to be.

hole 6 fairway

Hole 6

347 Yards | Par 4

A maximum tee shot of 200-yards is a safe bet for the sixth hole, this will leave an open approach shot onto the green.  Be careful of the heavy rough on the right side of the fairway though, this often adds strokes to those who try to cut the corner.

hole 7 tee box

Hole 7

501 Yards | Par 5

This hole opens fairly straight but then doglegs to the left, conservative players should aim to the right side of the fairway.  This is also a great hole for big hitters want to use their driver but be sure to aim over the left of the first cut of the fairway which will enable you to reach the green in two. The bunkering on the front and left side of the green can play tricks with your approach shot, ending up right or short is the safe play.

hole 8 green

Hole 8

403 Yards | Par 4

There is more fairway on the right of this hole than what meets the eye from the tee box.  Be aware of the trees and water that will come into play about 200 yards out on the left side of the fairway. Be sure to take enough club on your approach to clear the pond that borders the left side of the green.

hole 9 green

Hole 9

309 Yards | Par 4

The tee shot on this right dogleg is key to score par or better on this hole. With a steep uphill approach to the green, be sure to choose enough club to get up on the plateaued green as anything short will leave you back in the middle of the fairway. Long hitters can be aggressive off the tee but trouble looms along the right side of the fairway.

Hole 10 green

Hole 10

205 Yards | Par 3

This is a fun hole to kick off the back nine.  It has a straightforward and clear view of the green from the tee box. Aiming for the center of the green is the safest play with bunkers pinching the putting surface.

hole 11 green

Hole 11

368 Yards | Par 4

Hole eleven can be tricky depending on your club selection off the tee.  There is a steep downhill dogleg left in the middle of the fairway. The elevation change down to the green often plays shorter than meets the eye. Be aware of the long greenside bunker leading up to the left of the green.

hole 12 green

Hole 12

385 Yards | Par 4

A long drive to the left side of the fairway will keep you in a great spot as the fairway slopes to the right.  Hole twelve has one of the largest greens on the whole course but there is a very steep downhill slope on the back of the green so be sure not to over shoot.

Hole 13 green

Hole 13

195 Yards | Par 3

Hole thirteen often plays much longer than the 195 yards on the scorecard. The green is elevated, double-tiered, and slopes to the left.  The safest bet is to land the ball in the middle part of the green.

hole 14 green

Hole 14

523 Yards | Par 5

As one of the longest holes on the course, feel free to grip it and rip it! The fairway slopes to the left and narrows in around the 200-yard mark.  The right hill is a good target from the tee box, from there laying up from the bunker complex in the fairway and playing for par is always a safe bet on this daunting hole.

Hole 15 Green

Hole 15

163 Yards | Par 3

Hole 15 has a steep elevation gain which makes it play much longer than 163 yards.  The green is also a tricky one because it three-tiered with two bunkers guarding the front of the green. The front right shelf of the green is relatively flat, conservative players are best to ignore the pin placement.

Hole 16 green

Hole 16

365 Yards | Par 4

Aim the tee shot on the left of the fairway, it is big and open which will allow a better angle for a great second shot onto the green. This tee shot is the ultimate risk/reward for long hitters as the green is reachable with a helping wind. The green does have a slight incline from the middle to the back.

Canyon Lakes Hole 17 Green

Hole 17

548 Yards | Par 5

Another great hole for golfers who love to use their driver.  The fairway does widen the closer you get to the green.  There is a blind approach shot to the green, especially for the big hitters. The large green will allow for players to test their skill for a birdie opportunity. Be sure to take a look at the view of the valley down below as you drive up the fairway.

Hole 18 green

Hole 18

433 Yards | Par 4

The final hole has the widest fairway on the course and one of the best views of the valley on the left.  The fairway slopes down to the green but this generous fairway may give you the opportunity to hit a short club on your approach shot if the ball lands on the downward slope just right. Afternoon winds are often directly in the golfer’s face as their round comes to a close.  

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